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I'm on a record with some of my musical heroes...

If you'd have told a 14/15/even 27 year old me that I'd one day have a session musician credit on the same album as John Rhino Edwards, Andrew Bown, John Coghlan and Rick Parfitt Junior on a major-release tribute record to the legendary Rick Parfitt, I'd have told you to pull the other one. Interestingly though, here we are. My advance vinyl and CD copies arrived from Germany today and it's pretty exciting to say the least.

German rock & metal legend Mike Voss originally contacted me in order to recruit my good friend and mentor Tony Thorpe to the project via Tone's ex-Rubettes bandmate John Jayadev Richardson. When John told Mike that I was something of a Quo aficionado and a session musician myself, Mike did a quick bit of research and asked me to contribute to the title track (and lead single) 'Rockers Rollin'. He must have liked what he heard because he offered me the opportunity to play on the second single 'Don't Drive My Car' too. Getting to channel my inner Alan Lancaster was a joy but I kept it fingerstyle to pay my tribute to Rhino Edwards too - they're both so important to me for different reasons and of course, Rick Parfitt was (with Francis Rossi and Brian May) among my very first guitar heroes.

It's out worldwide on Massacre Records on the 13th October 2023 and you can pre-order wherever you get your vinyl and CDs. Don't get it for little old me though - get it for the real, actual legends on it paying tribute to the quintessential rock star Rick Parfitt. Available as digital download, CD, standard black vinyl and coloured red vinyl HERE.


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