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Professional Music Services

Bassist & Sessions

Most of the work I do is performing live as a bassist.  I work in a range of different live scenarios from broadcasts to weddings!  I also am available to hire for studio work in a range of different styles and situations.  Additionally, I can record bass parts remotely in my own studio so that you keep costs down and I'll send you the highest quality WAV (or format of your choice) files back through Dropbox to anywhere in the world!

Bandleader & MD

I have extensive experience in bandleading and musical direction - including conducting!  I have occasional slots for theatre/pit musical direction and regularly MD bands via talkback mics if required.  This role often includes working as a co-producer on recording sessions for bands and solo artists.

Arranger & Composer

As a composer, I am used to working within strict budgets and restraints - especially when scoring for moving picture.  Whether you want a bespoke string quartet piece for your wedding or a film soundtrack, me and my team have you covered.  As an arranger, I can score horn, string and rhythm sections from scratch for your song or recording.  In the Spring of 2017, I worked on a choral piece commissioned by the UK Arts Council.  If you need an arrangement on a grander scale, I have orchestration services available for a competitive price. 


I've been teaching private students for a number of years and many of my students have gone onto university and some have been signed to record labels!  I can teach you to play in person or online - no matter what stage you're at as a musician.  I lecture music in FE. and HE and have a full PGCE and up-to date DBS clearance.  I teach all learners from beginner to advanced in areas of music such as bass playing, sight reading, theory and arranging. I also offer workshops in colleges, schools and festivals.

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