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Greg is quite simply the finest and most professional bassist I’ve ever had the privilege of working with!   His thirst for knowledge and inspiration was (is) un-quenchable.  Over the years I’ve seen him develop into what I consider to be one of the best bassists on the scene today, and he continually improves and develops.  In short, I would have no hesitation in putting Greg on ANY gig, regardless of style/genre etc.  As well as being a great player, he’s a wonderful chap and is about as easy to work with on a professional level as it gets! 

— Scott Whitley (Steve Cropper, The Animals, The Blockheads, Big Country)

I have known Greg for quite a few years and over that time have been involved in several projects with him, both within bands and through recording sessions in the studio. He plays bass with precision, passion and panache, particularly in live situations. Perhaps almost as important, he is reliable, knowledgeable and a great character to have around. When I put together a band to promote my CD album, Greg was my first call, so that must mean something…

- Steven Lindley (Sunbird Records)

I had Greg play for me on my debut E.P. ‘Little Blue’.  We literally put him in the studio, he listened to each track once or twice and put a bassline down straight away.  His stylistic knowledge is incredible and his professional manner instantly puts you at ease.  Above all, he’s a true gent and a pleasure to work with. 

— Shauna Mackin (Solo Artist)

Greg has displayed interest and enthusiasm across all areas of the curriculum, but has shown particular flair for musicianship and arrangement. He is a versatile and proficient bass guitarist with a desire for excellence across all styles. He is a natural teacher and arranger, particularly in a band situation and possesses advanced music theory skills… myself and the tutor team are happy to recommend him without reservation. He has great potential for the future. 

— Dave Ellis (Music Course Leader, Blackburn College)

[A] bassist par excellence… a 50 year old man in a 20 year old body whose insides refuse to let him do anything wrong – a very rare gift indeed. 

— Tony Thorpe (The Rubettes, The Firm, Tommy Steele & Jimmy Smith)

I often find myself needing a bass player for both live work and studio sessions.  Greg is THE man for the job, every time.  I never dictate what I would like on my tracks; I leave Greg to make his mark, and my tracks are undoubtedly the better for it.

- Paul Stuart Davies (Chart topping singer and co founder of Elite School of Music)

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