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Arpeggio Idea #1

This week, I started working through some ideas for jazz improvisation with VERY BASIC ii V I arpeggio-based lines and I have posted three of them here. Not only will these ideas help to guide your solos around the harmony, they will improve your walking basslines too!

Here’s how to use these exercises:

1) Get them under your fingers, one at a time. Some position shifts are tricky. Work them out slowly WITHOUT a metronome. Also, you don’t want to be reading these as you practise them - you need to know them by heart.

2) When you know them by heart, click your metronome on nice and slow - perhaps start around 55bpm.

3) When you feel ready, knock the tempo up in small increments (I find that 10bpm at a time works best). These lines sound really hip at fast bebop tempos! Then, the 11 other keys!

4) Come up with your own! Ascending, descending, and alternating over different changes. Also look at starting on a different interval of the chord as I have demonstrated above. If you find any cool ones of your own, send them my way!

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