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Powerplay - John ‘Rhino’ Edwards

John Edwards is possibly the bassist that has had most effect on my own playing - his quirky use of the upper register for his rock style and his super funky Stanley Clarke like lines for the Judie Tzuke records in the 70s & 80s have been a source of real inspiration for me. I had the pleasure of meeting the man himself last month at a gig with his band ‘Rhino’s Revenge’ and they were superb. I bought an advance copy of the album (loads of great basslines on there!) and have played it almost non-stop. It’s alot grittier than the first solo album but I quite like that. Great playing, great tunes. This bassline can be tough to get tight - I play the first two notes of the main groove as an open string to allow me to get down the neck in time from the tri-tone double stop (a typical Rhino lick he uses to imply dominant 7 chords). Have fun!

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